• Don't Be A Hoe Mug

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Don't Be A Hoe Mug

$ 12.00


Dr. Cary’s oldest daughter is at that age. Yeah, that one. The age where questions about s-e-x are all too frequent, and there’s not enough books at Barnes and Noble to help any parent prepare for the freakishly blunt way young people phrase those questions. One question her daughter asked had Dr. Cary pinned in a corner, and her daughter wanted to know – in one sentence – how to handle the litany of pubescent pressures that come with being in middle and high school. So, Dr. Cary hit the escape button and simply said, “Honey, just don’t be a hoe…that eliminates most of the problems.” Her daughter immediately understood and, as far as we know, Dr. Cary has fully recovered from the trauma of that conversation.

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