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Dr. Cary Gannon

After discovering the disturbing, hidden truth behind the making of many of the products in her industry, Board Certified Podiatric Surgeon Dr. Cary Gannon took matters into her own hands, developing AILA's comprehensive approach to nail care.

The Beginning

"AILA Cosmetics began during a challenging time in my life. I was recovering from a rare cancer scare, finalizing my divorce, managing my medical practice, carrying a full patient load, juggling motherhood, struggling to care for a child with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), and trying to remedy my own health issues. I wanted to be everything to everybody.

Needless to say, the schedule was overwhelming (although no one could tell I was overwhelmed...I was a master chameleon). I was miserable. My life was totally off balance, and my health was suffering. I was completely lost, so I made a change."

Cary's Awakening

"Some might say I had a mid-life crisis, but I prefer the term 'awakening.' I started eliminating things (and people) from my life that were not healthy for me. Taking care of my body and eliminating as many unwanted ingredients as possible became a priority.  I started nourishing my body with the right foods instead of restricting calories (read the color story 'Wheatgrass'). 

I began focusing not only on what I put into my body but also what I put on my body. At the time, I was selling a “healthy” product line in my office.  A patient asked an in-depth question about the products, which led me to contact the company for clarification.  To my surprise, they refused to provide it!  This was allegedly a “healthy” brand I was selling to my patients, and that brand wouldn’t even communicate with me?  #OMG.

Breaking the Cycle

"When you find yourself trapped in a cycle, recognize that the only thing you truly control in that cycle is yourself. So...I changed the cycle and AILA Cosmetics was born. 

It is fair to say that, I am proud of AILA and what our products represent in the beauty industry. AILA symbolizes transformation. Not just my transformation, but change for all women who are caught in a cycle.  No longer do women have to sacrifice health for beauty and function. We want our products to be free of as many harmful chemicals as possible, while maintaining beauty and function."


"I began focusing not only on what I put into my body but also what I put on my body"

Dr. Cary Gannon

Our passion

At AILA, we are passionate. We’re passionate about bringing safe nail products to our consumers. We’re passionate about offering fresh ideas and products. We're passionate about helping every woman feel gorgeous.

What we strive for

We want our products to make you feel beautiful, and we want them to work. Our goal is to empower and equip women everywhere who are committed to their overall wellness: inside and out.

How we do it

We're fueled by the mission to bring healthy, safe nail care products to every consumer. Helping women take care of their nails while feeling beautiful...that’s our fuel.

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The Solution

Don't just decorate your nails, nurture them. AILA is, vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and made without parabens. Oh yeah... it works too. Get started with our essentials today.

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