How to Apply AILA


Dry Manicure

At AILA, we are big believers in the dry manicure / pedicure (versus wet manicures / pedicures). A dry manicure / pedicure completely excludes water and any chemicals that may be added to the water. Water expands natural nails, and invites bacteria into the nail beds, cuticles and the skin around the nails. We recommend avoiding wet manicures / pedicures completely. They’re a dated practice with proven undesirable long-term results as it relates to the health of the nail.

Our 3-IN-1 Nail Color Remover with Pure Argan Oil is the perfect nail moisturizing treatment at the start of our dry manicure / pedicure.  The nourishing Argan oil rubs right off with a clean cotton ball, so you can easily apply AILA’s ‘Prime’ base coat'.

Step by Step

1. Base Coat

You always, always want to start with a base coat. The base coat acts like a double-sided sticky tape. It adheres to the nail on one side, and the nail lacquer on the other side.

2. Nail Lacquer

Follow your base coat with 1-2 coats of your desired AILA nail lacquer, starting from the cuticle area and brushing outwards. Let your coat dry.

3. Top Coat

Next, it's time for your top coat. You can use any of our top coats depending on your desired look or even combine them!

4. Cuticule Oil

Finish all manicures and pedicures with the 'Nourish' Natural Cuticle Oil. It not only nourishes the nail but finishes out the manicure/pedicure and helps prevent mechanical trauma.