In the world of nail polish brands, you have a lot of choices. Based on your priorities, you may choose a brand that has hundreds of colors, or one that is the least expensive, or one that is free of certain chemicals. From there, you have choices about which chemicals you definitely don’t want in your nail polish. That’s where the 3-free, 5-free, 8-free, etc. conversation starts.

Here’s the deal. AILA is constantly working to improve our products. Since its 2014 entry into the beauty and nail care space, AILA has been free of the most commonly found potentially toxic chemicals in nail polish. This distinction is one of many other distinctions that makes AILA an optimal choice for those who place a premium on monitoring what they put on their bodies. The truth is, AILA can easily be labeled 15-free (which seems to be the latest magic number in nail polish marketing). We could also truthfully say AILA is free of lead, animal byproducts, turpentine, cyanide, and bananas and subsequently say we are a 17-free brand. We could go back to the inception of nail polish and say we are free of more than 25 chemicals that were formally used to produce nail polish. 

Where does it end? 

Unfortunately, some brands are going back decades and claiming to be free of chemicals that haven’t been used in nail polishes for years, and taking advantage of the fact that consumers have no idea how polishes were historically constituted. AILA will not constantly change its -free classifications to compete with brands using this marketing loophole to say their product is somehow superior. It’s an exercise in futility. 

Our top priority is to arm you with the information you need to make an intelligent, informed decision about using (or not using) AILA products. We care too much about you to mislead you by redundantly marketing the absence of certain chemicals that haven’t been used in nail polish since long before the AILA brand existed. You’re smart, savvy consumers. We respect that.